Dormin for a Better Night's Sleep

Dormin the Nighttime Sleep-Aid has been the chosen sleep aid for occasional sleeplessness for more than six decades.

Easy to swallow, fast-acting capsules

  • 78% of people find capsules ‘very easy’ or ‘easy’ to swallow.
  • Dormin Sleep-Aid Capsules dissolve 3 times faster to help you fall asleep quickly

Other sleep-aids such as melatonin can take up to an hour to take effect, but you can take Dormin right before you’re ready to hit the pillow for a solid night’s sleep. Dormin Sleep-Aid Capsules dissolve 98% completely in under 10 minutes.

Proven Safe and Effective in Clinical Studies

  • Dormin contains the active ingredient doctors recommend most
  • Non-prescription formula
  • Non-habit forming
  • No harmful side effects

Dormin is formulated with the active ingredient doctors recommend most. Diphenhydramine is a proven success when it comes to inducing a full night’s sleep and has been proven safe and effective in clinical studies.

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